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US Visa Interview Tips : L1 Blanket

Posted on: January 27, 2009

That was a Monday morning; I was very much relaxed after two days of holidays as usual. I went to office and raise the travel request to Chennai for my visa interview. As per the process after an hr I got a mail from our training coordinator to attend the visa interview training on Tuesday. Till end of the day I was busy with arranging my documents and other process. On Tuesday Morning with relaxed mood i went to attend this training, Entering the training room where we have six members already present all discussing about visa interview process which they got to know from their frnds. As I started interacting with them I got to know that few of them are preparing for the Visa interview… Preparation for Visa interview ?? I got confused, First time i got to know that we have rejection while attending visa interview ho ho ho…. “Muzhe to pasina hi aa gaya yaar…” I did not know what to prepare… Our Interview coordinator brief us about the process and few technical things about petitions and he suggested the given below site for preparing for visa intv.

“Par mera interview to kal hai” now what to prepare ?…How to prepare… ? “Bhot tension ho gayi yaar”. I started going thru the questions on the site and I found that the question pattern was similar for all the candidates who have attended for the interview. I started going thru the questions and started looking into my petition. “or maine apne aap ko finally interview(so called) ke liye tayiar kar liya”. My Interview was scheduled at 7:15 am. I reached there by 6:45. “are bap re itni bhid aab kaya karun, I requested few ppl and skipped the queue. Now I entered the office and stood in the queue waiting to submit the 25K draft. The window opened at 8:45(sarkari kaam), I submitted the draft and went to queue and started waiting for my turn when the VO called me(at 9:15 am) I went to him with a smile( Par dil main ek dar sa tha yaar) He asked me 2 question

1) Who is your end client?

2) Your previous work experience.

And he asked me to put my middle finger(Right hand) on scanner. And told me that I will be getting my Visa in a week time.(Hurraaahhhhhh maza aaa gaya).

From my experience I can say is

1) Stays cool and don’t be nervous or panic

2) Go thru question from the above mentioned site and Stick to the description in your petition for answers.

3) Be punctual but you should not panic if you are late. As you can say I was in queue or request

4) Try to wear formal cloths (Tie is not must).

Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂


3 Responses to "US Visa Interview Tips : L1 Blanket"

kamaal hai yaar…:)

Thanks for posting your experience.

Nice.. thx for the link

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